Long Term Conversions - The Sales Funnel

Introducing… The Sales Funnel

A Sales funnel converts information seekers into buyers. People visit
your website at different levels of the buying process and need to
get information or some other sort of value added information until
they have everything they need to make a purchasing decision…..

Sustainability is the key to building
a profitable business

An Internet Marketing Channel Only
Becomes Sustainable Once You
Have the Ability To Contact Your
Visitors In The Long Term.

This Is Done By Creating A
Contact List In Which You
Can Nurture Over Time
Until They Have Gone
Through The Buying Cycle….

99% Of All Website Visitors Will Leave Your Site
Within 10 Seconds Without Completing The
Goals You Have Set Out.

We Need A Way To Speak To These
99% To Keep Them Hanging Around
Until They Are Ready To Make A
Purchasing Decision.

Learn all about how to create a
sustainable long term sales channel….

If you think of your website like the door to
your home, you will be ahead of the game.

When people come to your house,
they knock on your door.

They will make judgements at that precise
moment that will determine if they
want to come in for dinner or not.

Once you have a chance to cook dinner
you start to build trust….

As trust increases, so does the
possibility of making a sale.

Moral of the story:


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is where long term businesses are built on the web.

When you create a contact list, you know have a way to contact those people over time.

You can potentially sell to people forever…..that ONLY as long as they trust you and like you.

You build trust by providing value. It’s really that simple.

You provide value to people……you turn information seekers into buyers.

You see, during a buying cycle there is ALWAYS a period in which people are information seekers. If you can be the company that answers ALL questions to the potential clients problem you will get the sale.

When you buy a car, you do rsearch.The car that can provide a solution to the most core issues you are trying to solve in buying a car becomes the car that you drive off the lot as the winning consumer choice.

Same is true in your business. In the online world, you provide value and information first. He who does this the best, usually goes away as a chosen company.

Your email list is fundamental in creating this information based value chain.

Social Media

Once you build a emailing list, you are going to use Social Media as the proof for the pudding.

Social trust is gained by having friends like your content and by having an engaged following.

This is classic group mentality.People automatically trust things that the rest of their friends and family trust without question.

For good reason too….

People have always leveraged knowledge from other to make decisions and advance their own personal thinking.

It allows us to make decisions without doing our own personal research.So in essence,by having a social media presence and an engaging audience you automatically build trust with people WITHOUT them having to see all of your contact and decide for themselves.

Social proof just makes it easier to work your way through the buying cycle of a customer….which is essentially a measure of the value you provide.

At the beginning it’s all you building value.At some point in time,people are willing to give you value OR their currency for solving their core problems associated with your product or service, make this a win / win value added transaction.


Blogging is a great communication medium.

It is a fantastic way to communicate with an audience and build a following.

After you have created an email list and connected on Social Media with your new audience your blog is a good way to get more personal with your message.

You can post videos and write articles aand post them on your blog.

Because you have a growing email list and a growing social media following you now have 2 distribution mediums to get your content seen.

Regular bloggers are loved by search engines like google for their regular content.

This in turn leads to rewards in the Search Engines such as higher ranking which leads to more traffic.Because of your new conversion strategies, this increase in traffic willlead to more sales.

You could send ALL the Traffic In the World To
Your Website.

¬†If You Aren’t Converting That
Traffic, You Are Wasting That Traffic.

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A Custom Plan For Your Small Business
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