Search Engine Optimization - Essentials

Search Engine Optimization Is Where Science Meets Art.

SEO is the constant process of making sure
That the content you are producing caters
To the search engines & the end user.

Many times these can be two very different
Things. It is important to implement a
Content strategy for your website so that
Both search engines & end users start
To love your content.

This is where the scientific study of algorithms
collides with the ‘feel’ of your website to
create a truly wonderful visitor experience.

The Magic Happens When We Find That Sweet Spot.

On Page SEO Factors

When we are trying to rank for a keyword,
The search engines look at things like
keyword density on a page & meta data
informtion which is little bits of code
that is embeddes in you websites.This
code essentially tells the search engines
what your site is about.

Because anyone can just changes their website
to rank for their terms, the search engines have
many other factors the use to distinguish
trust and authority for a websiite.

Off Page SEO Factors

A backlink is like a ‘vote’ from a neighbouring
website. One way backlinks are the best as they
are seen by the search engines as being the
best way to funnel trust and authority.

In order to rank well, we need to get as many
backlinks as possible from high authority
well aged sites.

This authority and age will pass directly to
your site and you will most certainly
see great results in the Search Engines.

Just as good linking practices will help your site,
bad linking practices will harm your site.

Ranking Factors & Weight For A WEbsite

Domain Trust

Domain Trust Is Gained through white hat SEO tacktics that follow the Google terms of service

Link Popularity (Off Page SEO)

This is a measre of the number of links pointing to your site. This is important for the websites linking to you as well.

Traffic & Visitor Performance

Search Engines will measure how users interact with your site to determing if you site is an authorative force in your market.

Anchor Text Of External Links

The text you use to build your links is fundamental to ranking for keywords.

Domain Registration & Host

A good host is very important to rank. Page load time and other factors are crucial in creating a positive visitor experience.

Social Media

This factor is becoming increasingly important everday as the web becomes a truly social medium.

do you have questions about
SEO & what it means for you?

Hiring SEO’s Can Be A Tricky Game…

It is important to know exactly what is being done to your site before
you spend any money on search engine optimization.

Create a plan and follow that plan.

There are ‘black hat’ strategists out there that can get your website
to the top fast, but leave it subject to penalties and other filtersv
that go against the Google terms of service.

Always Follow Good Practices. ‘White Hat’ Tactics
Always Adhere With Google’s Terms Of Service.

SEO Is A Process Of Slow & Steady Backlinking Practices…

It is rare that a new site can see 1st page rankings in less than 6 months.

Do Your Research & Be Comfortable With Your Own Plan
Before You Trust Someone Else With Your Website.


It is a given that Search Engine Optimization Changes Almost Daily.

Websites that have previously done well are knocked out of the Search Engine’s
at a moments notice evaporating all of the traffic with it.

Many marketing experts are calling this the end of traditional SEO.
The reason for this forecast is that it is becoming harder and harder
to ‘game’ your search results. The search engines are getting smarter
and they are getting VERY good at detecting natural authorites in
many markets, especially the competitive ones.

This is why it is important to not put all your eggs in one basket. Always
Have a diverse marketing strategy that pulls traffic from many mediums.

SEO can do wonders for many companies, following natural linking patterns
that ADDS VALUE to the internet community. These are the type
of websites that Google really looks for and rewards with high rankings.

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Small Business Rankings?

Traditional SEO is dying fast.

There are still people ‘gaming’ results
and doing well but we believe this
success will be short lived as algortithms
evolve over time.

The internet is about great quality content
and the sharing of information on levels
that we have never seen before.

It is time we get rid of spam and other ‘black hat’
SEO tactics and start adding value
to this wonderful machine we call the internet.

Social Media Is A Perfect Rating
System To Solve This Problem

The web is increasingly becoming
more social as people see content
and can engage it. We now have
a perfect rating system for what is
good and what is bad content.

Small business reviews that are
blasted all over the internet
tell end users which companies
are good and which are bad.

Facebook ‘likes’ and other
social media channels have
become a new currency
system showing content

The new model: Add value in the form of content
and your customers will come running to you…

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