Social Media-The Glue that holds it all together

Think of Social Media Like Going To A Party…….

You RARELY Want To Sell Anything On Social Media,
You Only Want To Provide Valueable Content
That People Can Engage And Relate To.

People love to hang out with eachother
on Social Media. By engaging these
interactions properly, you give yourself
brand exposure which generates trust
and authority in your respecitve niche.

social media is a perfect rating system

People ‘like’ your content and engage your
content on the basis that it is value added.

This includes everyting from facebook
likes to generating reviews for a local
business. It is a fact that the web
is going more and more social.

This force is driving us away from
traditional marketing methods
as we now have channels that
create instantaneous feedback.

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The Requirements For A Successful Social Media Strategy….

It is important to talk with everyone
in your organization when deciding
on a social networking strategy.

Social media should represent the
core values of the company.

The more people that belive in your
stategy, the more effective it will
become as people will put time and
effort into engaging different mediums.

Social media is a commitment. It takes time and dedication to make this medium work
for you. You are essentially building value and creating a following in which your potential clients are engaging your content.

You are adding value to the lives of other. You are not selling to them. It is reverse to most traditional marjeting methods. With social media, you provide value first, then generate trust which most likely ends in a sale. With traditional methods of advertising
we generate trust, sell and then provide value.

Trial and error is also another very important component of your campaigns. You are
essentially throwing the rice up against the wall and then seeing what sticks. This is important to a successful campaign because not all networks were made to accommodate your business’ needs.

Every Wonder Which Networks You Should Be
Involved With? Here are our top 5 recommendations…

This monster weighing in at 600 million users and counting takes the cake as the most valueable network to be a part of for most businesses.

Remember that NOT all business will see the same benefits from each network so it is important to define your strategy,
target audience before you commit to a certain type of social media network.

Engaging this network is like engaging friends at a house party.

Twitter is another heavy hitter. This network is all about the people you follow and defining the information you want to receive.

In many cases, news and other important information is available here before governments or traditional media
agencies can announce events.

This can be a valuable list building tool for businesses that would like to create a following.

Linked In is a great professional networking system. It has made it possible for anyone with a career to connect and have their professional information available for anyone with computer.

With this network people have instant access to information you would normally see on a resume. Employers and employees alike are able to quickly distinguish which type of people could be a valuable asset for their communities.

With Google Plus trying to compete with facebook, it is unlikely they will ever match the sheer size of their competitor as people will tend to stick around networks in which they have built a gathering. Facebook was around first, most people are not jumping off their facebook pages and signing up with Google Plus.

On the other hand this can be a great opportunity to gain eyeballs as it is a good marketing tool for things like SEO and social engagement.

Google still runs search, so being on their network with a legitimate following will definitely help you out in the Search Engines.

This giant is the #2 search engine in the world. Having videos on on this site will ultimately give your site more authority on the web as a content provider.

After all, content is king. Video is perhaps the best way to get a message across. It is visual, engaging and gives people more connection to the speaker at hand.

If you are not using video in your business, you are way behind the times.

learn more about social media
and how it can help your business….

The main idea behind social media
is that it is a measure of trust.

Because people can actively
engage your content and ‘vote’
on it’s quality we now have a
way to measure which brands
are adding value to our internet
and which are not.

Social media is a big part of nuturing your audience.

It will naturally help your SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)
but it will also increase brand
awareness if you can engage
your audience on the level they
exist on these networks.

The Process Goes Like This…

Social Media CAN generate alot of traffic, but in most cases
Social Media is best used to NUTURE LEADS into becoming
buyers through constant value building content.

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