What Are The Core Elements Of Your Website??

When building a website, it is important to
set goals, measure, report, analyize and
then finally optimize your content based
on your audiences needs and problems.

Think of your website goals as a conversation
with your audience. They have a problem,
you are offering a solution.

With any monetary transaction, the buyer
has a problem and the seller has a solution.

It is simple science, create a website that creates solutions for
information seekers. Keep tweaking until you are profitable.

Your website is where you engage the conversation
You want to have with your propsects.

There are 2 types of people in this world

Which one are you

Do you skim read


Do you absorb every last bit of
information to make a decision?

Your Website Must Engage Both Types Of People

How Do We Prevent People From Leaving Our Site?

We need to engage the people that want your services. You are
obviously very good at what you do, so you need to present your
content in a way that attracts people and keeps them in interested.

We are in an information overloaded society right now.
It is very difficult to keep people’s attention with all of
the distractions that are present in todays world.

We need to be able to keep ALL types of people interested…

By breaking a website into 4 simple
functions we can accomplish our goals…

Design Consideration #1: Aesthetics

Within 10 Seconds Of A New Visitor On Your Site People Will Stay Or Leave By Asking These Questions…

These Questions Are Initially Judged By Aethetics Only…

If Your Visitor Is Not Satisfied By The Above Questions,
They Will Leave Immediately.

Design Consideration #2: Content

Be Clear NOT Clever…

Design Consideration #3: Call To Action

One Of Our Coaches Is Standing By To Create A Custom Plan For Your Small Business So You Can Be Found Everywhere…

There Should Be Absolutely No Question
As To The Desired Action On A Website.

Design Consideration #4: End Goal

Track, Test, Measure…..

For Every 100 Visitors….

15% will take some sort action like sign up on a list 5% will probably buy a service

85% are not engaged to your content and will leave never to come back.

The Goal Of This Page Is To Show You How To Dominate
Your Niche Or Marketing Simply By Having A Good
Web Page. The Principals Above Will Help You With That.